Recent Article in JAMA Underscores Need for Pharmacogenetics

On March 21, an article published online in JAMA Internal Medicine examined changes in the prevalence of medication use and the frequency of major drug-drug interactions. The study was authored by Dima M. Qato, PharmD, MPH, PhD of the Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes, and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and colleagues. In-home interviews, with direct medication … Read More

White House 2016 Precision Medicine Initiative Summit – Recap

In January 2015, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative, or PMI. The PMI was originally portioned $215 million in the 2016 budget, with the aim to use patient volunteered data on a massive scale to accelerate medical research and thus aim to accelerate our ability to treat and prevent disease. Around the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the … Read More

HIMSS16 Recap

YouScript has received a fair amount of attention at HIMSS since we first began attending the conference in 2013. Pharmacogenetic testing and precision prescribing are always hot topics that draw a lot of attention. Unfortunately, over the past few years that attention has had a challenging time evolving into action. The concept seems to have trouble gaining traction in the … Read More

U.S. VA Awards Genelex Contract to Reduce Veterans’ Healthcare Costs

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded a Federal Supply Schedule contract to Genelex as a government supplier, which took effect March 15th, 2016. The contract makes pharmacogenetic testing accessible to clinicians in the Veterans Administration, so their patients can immediately benefit from precision medicine. The approval will also allow healthcare providers in the Department of Defense, Bureau of … Read More

Precision Trials Challenge – LINK, please comment or like

Big thanks to Ranjit who submitted to this challenge with little notice, description is below. Comments from the online community will also be used as judging criteria. So any responses via comments/applause/views via the link below with respect to this idea’s innovation, impact and feasibility (a simple login  using your existing Google or Facebook account is required) are appreciated. The … Read More

Alert Fatigue

Have you heard of “alert fatigue“? This is the phrase used to describe the de-sensitization to safety alerts that healthcare providers experience when using healthcare technologies. This de-sensitization occurs because of the large number of, usually inconsequential, safety alerts triggered by each piece of technology. These alerts may range from a visual drug interaction alert that flags when a provider … Read More

Visit Genelex this week at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas

Visit Genelex this week at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas and see why we’re in the headlines:   HIMSS Honoree explains why you won’t want to miss Genelex at the conference: “This is a real, practical application of precision medicine that saves lives by helping solve the ADE problem. “ –Dave Garets, internationally known Healthcare IT Industry Analyst, author, and speaker. … Read More

An Alternative to the Hype of the HIMSS16 Show Floor

Dave Garets, Healthcare IT industry analyst I know what you’re thinking: “Garets is mouthing off again. Thank goodness he doesn’t do it more than once a year.” Last year about this time I blogged about what you’d see at HIMSS15. Now I’m going to suggest something you ought to check out at HIMSS16 beyond the blather about BI/analytics/big data, population … Read More


Pharmacogenomic clinical analytics provider connects to the U.S.’s largest electronic health record system to support the reduction of drug complications, hospitalizations and ED visits Seattle, WA—February 23, 2016 – Genelex the makers of YouScript® Precision Prescribing analytics software announces enhanced connection with Epic, the U.S.’s most widely used electronic health record system. This new connectivity enables Genelex customers using Epic … Read More

Oxycodone Toxicity

On April 7, 2015 we blogged about a young boy who became comatose after receiving tramadol for post-tonsillectomy pain treatment. It was later learned that the boy was a CYP2D6 ultra rapid metabolizer. Then on July 21, 2015, we blogged about the risks of codeine in CYP2D6 ultra rapid metabolizers, especially children. Recently, a story was reported about a 9 … Read More