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YouScript helps health care stakeholders achieve optimal prescribing by addressing barriers to personalized medication management, including:

  • The high number of commonly prescribed drugs affected by individual cytochrome genetic variations
  • The unknown impact of multiple medications on a patients’ drug metabolizing capacity; and
  • High levels of drug interaction alert fatigue, and the concomitant increased risk of adverse drug events (ADEs)

The YouScript Prescision Prescribing System pairs pharmacogenetic testing with the most comprehensive medication management software available. Our pharmacists and physicians regularly update the YouScript software and testing panel to ensure it is in line with current research. YouScript puts the growing body of drug metabolism knowledge at your fingertips, enabling you to predict which prescription medications will work best for your patients. The advantages are clear.

With YouScript, you can:

  • Minimize side effects
  • Reduce ADEs and treatment failures
  • Improve patient care
  • Save patients time and money

Health Plans and ACOs

According to the CDC, approximately 12% of all healthcare costs are related to the adverse impact of prescription drugs. This large burden can be prevented through the use of the YouScript Precision Prescribing Platform at each and every point of prescribing. Pilot data from a large health system validates YouScript’s value in a broad population by an extrapolated estimated savings of $25 to $57 million.

The Triple Aim

The goals are high, but YouScript can help payers and accountable care organizations (ACOs) meet the Triple Aim of improving population health, patient experience, and reducing the per-capita cost of health care. Through this, YouScript reduces the incidence of adverse drug events (ADEs), meaning reduced costs and fewer hospitalizations. Intervention with YouScript has been shown to cut ED visits among elderly patients taking multiple medications by up to 42% in 60 days.

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Healthcare Organizations

YouScript’s Precision Prescribing platform is the only tool available that combines pharmacogenetic testing with drug-drug, drug-gene, multi-drug, and multi-drug-gene interactions to reveal all potential adverse drug events (ADEs).

When hospitals are looking at every avenue to reduce costs and comply with policies, YouScript is proven to reduce re-admission rates by 39% over a 4-month period.

Peace of Mind

Healthcare organizations using the YouScript precision prescribing software are providing patients with peace of mind in prescribing. YouScript is the only tool that allows providers to “test drive” potential medication before making a final decision to eliminate trial and error practices. More than 90% of the population is interested in pharmacogenetics and studies have shown that testing can increase medication adherence. YouScript’s Risk Analysis Dashboard helps manage population health by allowing health organizations and providers to stratify their patient population.

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Healthcare Providers

Lack of drug effectiveness and increased side effects that can lead to patient nonadherence are some of the biggest challenges providers face related to prescribing medications. According to the CDC, serious side effects known as adverse drug events (ADEs) cost $3.5 billion annually in extra medical costs and are responsible for 700,000 emergency department visits per year.

Every drug comes with the risk of side effects and nearly every patient will experience them in some form. Physicians sometimes struggle with managing their patient’s drug regimens because the origin of side effects can be hazy. Many do not know that these adverse drug events can be due to their patient’s genetics. Such drug-gene interactions can be just as impactful as interactions between two or more medications, so much that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has included warning labels on more than 100 medications advising prescribers of their potential drug-gene interaction risk.

Unknown Factor?

Health care providers can account for factors such as age, physiologic function and concomitant disease, but patient genotype remains a major unknown in most drug prescribing. All too often, this results in an ADE. What tools can best help physicians cut down on potentially deadly side effects and reduce the associated costs?

Physicians are increasingly turning to pharmacogenetic testing to reduce ADEs, improve patient response to medications and mitigate potential provider risk associated with drug interactions in their practice. Such testing lies at the heart of the YouScript Precision Prescribing System.

YouScript uses genetic data and the latest clinical knowledge on drug metabolism to help predict which prescription medications will work best for each patient.

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Bring your pharmacy to the modern age with real-time access to the latest prescribing databases and reduce potential drug interactions by up to 34% more than traditional drug-drug interaction interfaces. Using YouScript is akin to an entire clinical pharmacy team in your EMR ready to advise on accurate and appropriate prescribing for each and every patient.

Complete Prescribing Picture

In traditional drug-drug interaction software, the system matches drug A to drug B in a linear and binary manner. In many cases, these systems also miss interactions outside of traditional drug-drug interactions and basic pharmacogenetics. YouScript’s precision prescribing platform also addresses cumulative drug and gene interactions, OTC medications, herbals, and supplements not commonly found in most DDI software.

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