Pharmacogenomic clinical analytics provider connects to the U.S.’s largest electronic health record system to support the reduction of drug complications, hospitalizations and ED visits

Seattle, WA—February 23, 2016Genelex the makers of YouScript® Precision Prescribing analytics software announces enhanced connection with Epic, the U.S.’s most widely used electronic health record system. This new connectivity enables Genelex customers using Epic to better identify patients who are at the highest risk of adverse drug events based on drug-gene and drug-drug gene interactions which has been proven to significantly lower ED visits and hospitalizations.

In a recently published study published in the Journal of Medical Economics, the University of Utah showed that the use of pharmacogenomic testing and YouScript’s clinical decision support software reduced hospitalizations by 39-percent and ER visits by 71-percent in elderly patients taking multiple medications in just 4-months.

“Think about us as a ‘precision medicine booster’ to enhance your traditional decision support tools,” says Genelex CEO Kristine Ashcraft. “As many as 56% of all potentially clinically significant drug interactions are caused by drug-gene and cumulative drug-drug-gene or drug-drug-drug  interactions that can be missed by traditional decision support tools that check for drug-to-drug or drug-to allergy complications.”

YouScript helps customers identify which patients are at the highest risk of adverse drug events, which ones would benefit from pharmacogenomic testing and what clinicians can do to optimize the safety and effectiveness of medications. Based on over 14,000 curated references and product inserts, YouScript determines the cumulative impact of genetics, medications, over-the-counters, herbals, and other factors offering ranked alternatives when interaction risk is found.

Dr. Michael Raff, Director of the Genomics Institute at MultiCare Health System stated, “The integration of pharmacogenomic results into the electronic health record is a key step in the promise of precision medicine to improve patient care. By connecting electronically, Genelex and Epic are delivering on this promise.”

“Genelex’s clinical studies are impressive,” added Brad Strock, Epic’s Genomic Workgroup Lead. “Their results point to a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to enhance their clinical decision support and improve the effectiveness of their population health programs.”

You can learn more about the Epic and YouScript integration at HIMSS Booth 12147.

About Genelex

Genelex is a pioneer in comprehensive medication analytics and pharmacogenetic testing. Their patented YouScript® Personalized Prescribing System is the only commercially available medication management system to assess the cumulative effect of a patient’s genetics and entire drug regimen. YouScript is used by healthcare providers, clinical researchers and managed and accountable care organizations. Founded in 1987, Seattle-based Genelex is one of the first clinical laboratories to provide pharmacogenetic testing and interpretation. For more information, visit: or

About Epic

Epic provides an open, integrated suite of software applications to support patient care, medical research, population management, and new value-based care delivery models across hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and extended care providers. Groups that have chosen Epic employ about 1/3 of the physicians and serve more than 55% of the US population. Together, Epic’s customers make up one of the largest health networks in the nation with over 1,300 hospitals and 28,000 clinics. Privately held and employee owned, Epic is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin and has offices in Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and The United Arab Emirates. Please visit for more information.


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