YouScript and Epic

Designed to intelligently trigger and triage alerts to keep patients safe and reduce provider alert fatigue; YouScript is the leading “self-learning” precision medication management platform providing the right dose of the right drug in real time, for every patient.

Our software and analytics answer two of the key questions in precision medicine – who do I test and how do I act on it – right in the clinical workflow. Using patient-specific genomics, medication information, related warnings, recommended alternatives are proactively presented and ‘pre- auditioned’ prior to prescribing, in an easy-to-understand and clinically actionable format that reduces alert fatigue.

By providing clear, actionable guidance and pharmacist recommendations, YouScript helps clinicians address the complexities of drug interactions and reduce trial-and-error prescribing. Our Smart on FHIR-enabled YouScript toolset in Epic and Epic’s Healthy Planet population health module leads to better prescribing decisions, improved patient outcomes, increased drug adherence, saves time, and lowers healthcare costs.

We understand that each health system has different and unique workflows tailored to their needs. One of the benefits of the tailored YouScript integration and implementation is finding what works best for your teams. An initial step after product launch would be a system design and workflow discussion where we can offer recommendation and guidance as we work together to finalize a specific integration plan. See here for one of our recommended workflows with Epic.

Show YouScript Genetic Risk Score in EHR

Epic’s Healthy Planet or Best Practice Alerts

Health System to Define Population Eligible for PGx Testing

Patient Outreach for PGx Testing

Utilize existing patient outreach channels where possible

Obtain PGx Test Order, Patient Consent, and Collect Buccal Swab Sample

Alert User in EHR of Interactions

Discrete lab results to lab results section within Chart Review

Launch YouScript Directly from EHR to Review Interactions

Launch directly in context from patient chart

Make Medication Changes in the EHR

Ongoing Medication Management for Added/Updated Medications

Continue optimizing and monitoring patients through for life and recieve alerts for potential changes as the evidence changes.Ready to integrate precision prescribing into your Epic workflow? To learn more about the features of YouScript Clinical Decision Support software, fill out the form and a YouScript representative will reach out directly to schedule a meeting.

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