CYP2D6 Testing Could Ease Parents Fears After Codeine Warning

A recent warning from the American Academy of Pediatrics has many parents worrying if their child is an ultrarapid metabolizer of the popular drug codeine. The clinical report is calling for a formal restriction of codeine, over risks of life-threatening or fatal breathing reactions. The pain reliever is often given in hospitals for procedures such as tonsillectomies and is commonly … Read More

The Value of Usability Engineering in Clinical Decision Support Tools

National Health IT Week celebrates the power of Health Information Technology to improve the health and healthcare of patients across the nation. The advantages and disadvantages of technology such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have been discussed since 2009 with the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Similarly, Clinical Decision Support Systems … Read More

This Month in Pharmacogenetics

We’re back again with another round of PGx Articles. Pharmacogenomics is on the rise, and with the groundswell of support we’re seeing, it’s only a matter of time before we see more widespread support and implementation.  Want to be ahead of the curve?  Want to be that person who says “remember when I told you about pharmacogenetics years ago” to … Read More

Visit us at EPIC UGM 2016 September 19th-22nd

Please come visit us at EPIC User Group Meeting 2016 September 19th through 22nd in Madison Wisconsin.  Earlier this year YouScript and Epic announced a partnership to integrate YouScript into Epic’s EMR system in an effort to save lives and reduce costs.  Please stop by our booth to learn how YouScript can work for you! Please check our twitter feed for updates … Read More

Is Big Data Clinically Significant?

A restaurant patron doesn’t leave a tip as he storms out of the trashy diner that Google “recommended” to him. This is an example of big data trying to predict what kind of restaurants that customer might enjoy, and missing the mark entirely. Nevertheless, the consequences of this blunder are mild, maybe resulting in an upset stomach or a dented … Read More

This Month in Pharmacogenomics

While we here at YouScript are in the business of promoting our business, and the benefits of PGx, and the importance of being able to make those results actionable for patients and providers with the YouScript Clinical Decision Tool, we also care very much about the promotion of PGx as a whole.  And with our many social media platforms, YouScript … Read More

Unexpected Culprit – Is Grapefruit Affecting Your Drug Regimen?

In January of this year, we wrote about how herbal and dietary supplements can alter the metabolism of certain medications. St. John’s Wort was the supplement primarily discussed. However, it is not just herbal supplements that can alter drug metabolism and cause drug interactions; food can be a common offender as well. This week we will be looking at the … Read More

YouScript CEO to speak at Arrowhead’s Precision Medicine Conference

On October 12th and 13th, Arrowhead Publishing is hosting their 8th Annual Personalized & Precision Medicine Conference in San Francisco, California. Any conference dealing with precision and personalized medicine is a home for YouScript, naturally. And one of this year’s guest presenters will be YouScript’s own CEO, Kristine Ashcraft. John Waslif, Managing Director at Arrowhead, was kind enough to write … Read More

YouScript Wins Cambia Grove/Aging2.0 Satellite Contest

On June 22, 2016, CEO Kristine Ashcraft presented YouScript for the Seattle Aging 2.0 satellite contest at the Cambia Grove office in Seattle, Washington.  Aging 2.0, a national organization promoting innovation for an aging population, is currently hosting a “Global Startup Search” for aging-focused startups.  Satellite contests commenced around the nation, and the world.  Cambia Grove, according to their website: … Read More

Follow us on Social Media!

Many of you may not be aware of our social media presence on the preeminent platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We currently advocate and inform from two accounts on each platform: Genelex and YouScript. What is the difference between them? Let us explain.   Genelex Social Media Genelex is the go-to place for all information applicable to the world of … Read More