YouScript and Cerner

Designed to intelligently trigger and triage alerts to keep patients safe and reduce provider alert fatigue; YouScript is the leading “self-learning” precision medication management platform providing the right dose of the right drug in real time, for every patient.

Our software and analytics answer two of the key questions in precision medicine – who do I test and how do I act on it – right in the clinical workflow. Using patient-specific genomics, medication information, related warnings, recommended alternatives are proactively presented and ‘pre- auditioned’ prior to prescribing, in an easy-to-understand and clinically actionable format that reduces alert fatigue.

By providing clear, actionable guidance and pharmacist recommendations, YouScript helps clinicians address the complexities of drug interactions and reduce trial-and-error prescribing. Our Smart on FHIR-enabled YouScript in Cerner’s PowerChart leads to better prescribing decisions, improved patient outcomes, increased drug adherence, saves time, and lowers healthcare costs.

Use Cases

  • A physician uses at the point of care to audition potential therapies and discover safer alternatives when genetics and full medication profile are present.
  • Pharmacists and Case Managers use during case reviews for flagged high-risk patients.
  • Medical assistants and nursing use during previewing and patient onboarding to review medication list and potential side effects.

More Than Binary Interactions

YouScript is the only clinical decision support tool available to move beyond typical drug and gene interaction software by including multi-drug (3+) and drug-drug-gene interactions, catching an additional 37% of possible interactions.

Three Keys to YouScript

YouScript is the only tool available on the market today taking a comprehensive and cumulative approach to reducing adverse drug events. Providers use clinically actionable management bullets with suggested safer medication alternatives to manage potential risk throughout prescribing and disease management.

How to Spot an At-Risk Patient

YouScript’s easy to understand alert system reduces alert fatigue by rolling up warnings through patented algorithms and a robust library of over 14,000 product inserts and clinical research.

Ready to integrate precision prescribing into your workflow? To learn more about the features of YouScript Clinical Decision Support software, check us out in the Cerner Application Store or fill out the form below and a YouScript representative will reach out.
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