YouScript and Allscripts

Stone Run Family Medicine uses AllscriptsTM and YouScript. See why you should too…

YouScript has partnered with Allscripts to bring the benefits of personalized prescribing to your already busy practice.

Allscripts’ open platform allows practices to easily install applications by third-party healthcare developers to improve patient outcomes.

YouScript is an evidence-based clinical decision support tool which helps you identify which of your patients are at risk for an adverse drug event, and make better prescribing decisions by recommending drugs best suited for your patients’ genetics. YouScript was a Phase I and Phase II winner of the Allscripts Open App Challenge.

Stone Run Family Medicine is already reaping the benefits of YouScript integration. To hear Dr. Joseph Weidner’s thoughts on personalized prescribing, watch the video at the bottom of the page. To learn more about integrating YouScript into your EHR, contact us using the form below.

Integration Features Include:

  • Population Risk Analysis: Automatic analysis highlights which patients are at risk for a gene-induced adverse drug event and which patients have known drug, gene or cumulative interactions in their drug regimen.
  • Active Medications: Medications sync to YouScript from the patient’s chart in real-time.
  • Daily Testing Recommendation Alert: YouScript looks at scheduled patient appointments, and indicates high risk patients who would benefit from genetic testing.
  • Custom Lab Order Template: A configurable requisition form can be added to the EHR which merges patient information from the chart for genetic test orders. Genetic tests are covered by most insurers.
  • Provider Notifications: The ordering prescriber is notified when genetic test results are ready for review.
  • Lab Report Document: Lab reports with medication analysis add to the patient chart after genetic testing and pharmacist recommendations are complete.
  • Genetic Problem List Entry: A problem list entry is made for each tested patient, listing their genetic results, which are constant for the rest of their life. The diagnosis codes are searchable in the EHR reporting module and an associated encounter is created.
  • YouScript Single-Sign-On: YouScript can be configured to open from the Menu, instantly signing the provider into YouScript and opening the related patient’s record. Safer alternative medications can be explored and new drugs auditioned before making prescription changes in the EHR.

To learn more about the features of YouScript Clinical Decision Support software, check us out in the Allscripts Application Store or fill out the form below and a YouScript representative will reach out.