Tackling Risk Management At-Scale

Take a Single Step To Save Time, Lives, and Millions

DecreaseThink of YouScript as a precision booster for your decision support and population health tools. With a single data extraction or real-time flags with our integrated restful APIs, we can show you how to reduce Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations in patients identified by our precision analytics tools. A 2015 peer-reviewed publication showed that YouScript’s technology reduces Emergency Department visits by 71% (p=.0002) and Hospitalizations by 39% (p=.027) in just 4-months.[1]

The YouScript Personalized Prescribing software includes a Risk Analysis feature for patient, provider, and practice tracking and risk management. Physicians can use this feature at the point of prescribing to determine the need for genetic testing. The patent-pending genetic risk identifier assigns a percentage likelihood that testing will result in a change to drug or dose. Increased risk is linked with increases in both hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits.

YouScript differenceYour current binary drug interaction support is not enough; YouScript provides the only tool that reveals cumulative and gene-based risks that lead to avoidable and costly harm to patients. We can identify polypharmacy patients at highest risk of adverse drug events so you can take steps to prevent events before they occur – saving lives, time, and money. YouScript is the only solution that identifies all probable drug-drug, drug-gene, and cumulative drug interactions. The YouScript software ranks the interactions by significance, making it easy to resolve the most important interactions first and avoid adverse drug events.

The YouScript Risk Analysis feature assesses your entire patient population and their drug regimens. This feature can be accessed through the Practitioner Dashboard, as well as through each patient’s individual Interaction Report.

Single Step to Savings

YouScript will provide free risk stratification for up to 5,000 patients. The only step you need to take is to provide the following data points for the most recent 4-months:

  • Unique patient identifier
  • Generic name or RxCui for all active medications
  • Primary care provider identifier – Name or NPI
  • Total cost
  • ED visit cost
  • Hospitalization cost
  • Outpatient visit cost

If you like what you see, we can prove out the estimated cost savings in your own population. Restful APIs are available to integrate next-generation clinical decision support directly into your EHR or other patient management tools. Epic and Allscripts integrations have already been completed. Our partner lab, AccessDx Laboratory, can provide pharmacogenomic testing when needed, or you can use your own laboratory.

Email us today at info@youscript.com to see how YouScript can help you reduce costs and improve patient care with precision medicine.

[1] J Med Econ. 2015 Oct 19:1-16. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=26478982