YouScript Wins Cambia Grove/Aging2.0 Satellite Contest

On June 22, 2016, CEO Kristine Ashcraft presented YouScript for the Seattle Aging 2.0 satellite contest at the Cambia Grove office in Seattle, Washington.  Aging 2.0, a national organization promoting innovation for an aging population, is currently hosting a “Global Startup Search” for aging-focused startups.  Satellite contests commenced around the nation, and the world.  Cambia Grove, according to their website:

“…launched in Seattle to offer a community space for the Pacific Northwest’s emerging health care economic cluster. The goal is to make good on our region’s enormous potential to step up and become a national leader in developing transformative, clearly articulated and value-driven solutions that people crave.”

At the Seattle contest, YouScript competed with many other startups who presented very impressive aging-focused software, and in the end, YouScript Precision Prescribing System stood victorious.

But this does not mark the end; YouScript now moves on to the global event, Aging 2.0 Global Startup competition. YouScript will now be competing with other aging-focused startups from around the world.  According to the contest page, “A select few will be named finalists and have the opportunity to pitch to 1000+ influencers and innovators at the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference”. Each of these companies, like YouScript, succeeded at the local pitch and now are fighting for the aging innovation crown, which will include a grand prize of cash, mentorship, and international recognition.

We’re asking for your help to become a finalist.  For us to win the prize, we need your votes.  Please click here or the below link to vote for YouScript in the Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search.