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Prescribe with confidence using pharmacogenetics and YouScript

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Right Drug. Right Dose. Right Now.

Unlock the power of precision medicine.

Simply put — we help you manage medications better. YouScript moves beyond binary drug and gene interaction checking to also prevent cumulative interactions that represent over one third of significant issues. And instead of just creating alert fatigue with alert after alert, YouScript provides actionable, personalized drug and dose optimization based on the latest evidence right in the clinical workflow.

Our unique, patented approach puts patient safety first – saving lives, saving money, and reducing readmissions.

YouScript by the numbers


All potential clinically significant drug interactions that involve genetics.


Reduction in Emergency Department visits in 60 days


Reduction in re-hospitalizations in 60 days


Per-patient savings in 60 days

Meet the Triple Aim

YouScript can help payers and accountable care organizations (ACOs) meet the Triple Aim of improving population health, patient experience, and reducing the per-capita cost of health care.

Avoiding Adverse Drug Events

Meaning lower costs and fewer hospitalizations.

Reduce ER Visits

Intervention with the YouScript Precision Prescribing System has been shown to cut ER visits among elderly patients taking multiple medications.

Risk Analysis

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Decrease Treatment Failures

The YouScript Precision Prescribing Platform is the only tool that allows providers to “test drive” potential medication before making a final decision to eliminate trial and error practices.

Improve Patient Experience of Care

More than 90% of the population is interested in pharmacogenetics and studies have shown that testing can increase medication adherence.

Improve Population Health

YouScript’s Risk Analysis Dashboard helps manage population health by allowing health organizations and providers to stratify their patient population.

Risk Analysis

Request your free 5,000-person risk stratification today.

More than Drug-Drug Interactions

Unlike any other platform, YouScript examines drug-drug, drug-gene, drug-drug-gene, and multi-drug interactions.

Role of Pharmacogenetics

Meaning fewer costs and fewer hospitalization which in turn lead to increased pharmaceutical use.

Clinical Decision Support Tool

Overcomes the shortcomings of current clinical decision support tools, and providers clinically actionable information.

YouScript Demo

Get started today with a demo of the YouScript Precision Prescribing system today.

Comprehensive Database

A comprehensive database of drug interaction and metabolism literature and links, updated daily.

Drug Recommendations

Genotype-based drug and dosage recommendations based on over 14,000 package inserts, FDA recommendations, and peer-reviewed evidence


YouScript Precision Prescribing software is mobile device compatible. You can take it anywhere medical decisions are made.

YouScript Demo

Get started today with a demo of the YouScript Precision Prescribing system today.

  • Drug-drug
  • Drug-gene
  • Drug-drug-gene
  • Multi-drug

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Every patient is unique, the crowd is immeasurably large and the patients pass by just as quickly.

How do you reliably predict which patients are likely to have an adverse drug event from a “standard” prescription? How do you apply personalized care to a busy, moving population?