Meet YouScript.

Synthesizing all evidence impacting drug response to support the right decision at the point of care.

  • Pharmacogenetic testing
  • Data on 2,000 unique drugs, herbals, OTC meds and over 90 phenotypes
  • Monthly updates on new drugs, research, and data
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Clinically validated to reduce avoidable adverse drug events

results in 60 days as shown in published studies1

% Reduction in Readmissions
% Reduction in ED Visits
$ Cost Savings

Easy-to-use analytics to mitigate risk

YouScript’s database contains almost 2,000 unique drugs, herbals, and OTC medications and over 90 phenotypes. Our clinical content team continuously evaluates new drugs, research, and data, and created a library of over 17,000 professionally curated published references and product inserts.

Integration of drug-gene and drug-drug interactions

Population and patient views

Audition capability

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Every patient is unique, the crowd is immeasurably large and the patients pass by just as quickly. How do you reliably predict which patients are likely to have an adverse drug event from a “standard” prescription? How do you apply personalized care to a busy, moving population?

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