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  1. Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGX) should realistically be a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), just as the self reporting assessment tests annual wellness visit and mental health assessment are. The right dose at the right time is a tremendous asset for a doctor to understand. Everyone metabolizes medication differently. One thing, which may need to be addressed is the cost associated with Pharmacogenetic Testing… PGX is expensive.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We could not agree more about the importance of testing in helping providers make informed prescribing decisions. While cost is often a concern for many when considering pharmacogenetics testing, new research indicates that it can in fact save money by reducing the use of healthcare resources. A study recently published in the Journal of Medical Economics showed that the YouScript Precision Prescribing System, which pairs pharmacogenetic testing with the most comprehensive medication management software available, saved an average of $218 per patient in four months. So while the testing may initially seem expensive, the costs pale in comparison to those associated with recurrent ER visits and hospitalizations resulting from adverse drug events. You can learn more about the IMPACT study and find a link to the full published article by visiting http://www.genelex.com/youscript-impact/.

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