Participating in life again: A patient story of pediatric pain


Barbara Granoff, Founding Member of The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain (TCAPP), says her 15-year-old daughter’s life was changed by the DNA drug sensitivity testing Genelex offers.

Shira is living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as well as dysautonomia, gastroparesis, Mast Cell Activation Disorder and more. “The amount of medications we tried in hopes of controlling the pain is mind boggling,” mother Barbara said. “But even more alarming were the horrible side effects some of the medications produced.”

“There were many times when I felt we had to pick our poison, as the disease was sometimes easier to live with than the side effects. Eventually, I had to say ‘NO MORE’. I wasn’t willing to put her through any new medications, no matter how ‘safe’ they were, until I could figure out why she was having such unusual reactions.”

“Luckily, I came across Genelex and read about their DNA drug sensitivity testing. It’s been a life changer for Shira. Armed with her genetic information, we were able to make educated choices in medications. My daughter has gone from being too sick to attend school to being an honor roll student. We are not without hurdles, but I truly believe that knowing the correct medications to treat her with has helped her to be able to participate in life again.”

The YouScript Personalized Prescribing software integrates pharmacogenetic testing with comprehensive drug-gene and drug-drug interaction information to assess the cumulative impact of a patient’s genetics and drug regimen.  Information, alerts and recommended alternatives are presented in an easy-to-understand, clinically actionable format to assist physicians in personalized pain management for their patients.