Aranscia Acquires YouScript from Invitae

SAN FRANCISCO & HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aranscia, a global provider of diagnostics software, services, and testing solutions, and Invitae Corporation, a leading medical genetics company, today announced that Aranscia has acquired select assets of the YouScript personalized medication management platform from Invitae Corporation in an all-cash transaction. YouScript is a widely recognized leader in providing actionable, real-time medication risk and pharmacogenomics (PGx) insights that enable healthcare providers and organizations to build, deliver, and scale comprehensive personalized medication management programs. YouScript’s foundational peer-reviewed research initiatives span more than two decades and have continuously demonstrated the benefit of incorporating PGx testing into medication management programs that improve outcomes, reduce adverse events and healthcare spend and drive efficiency for clinical professions within their existing operational workflows1,2.

YouScript will join the Aranscia portfolio of companies, each of which shares a synergistic mission of solving the tactical gaps in clinical workflows and democratizing access to the promises of precision medicine. This portfolio includes 2bPrecise, the award-winning suite of lab-agnostic, EMR-integrated solutions for PGx, population health insights, and precision oncology workflows; SinguLab, a national network of diagnostics services support; and AccessDx Laboratory, a CLIA-certified, CAP accredited, and NYCQ molecular diagnostic laboratory with specialist expertise in PGx operations.

“We warmly welcome the YouScript team and platform to the Aranscia family,” said Joe Spinelli, Chief Strategy Officer of Aranscia. “As one of the foundational innovators in PGx, YouScript has long served as a model contributor to advancing the practical utilization of PGx for clinical professionals as well as measuring the profound impact of PGx programs in improving overall healthcare outcomes. We’re committed to supporting the continued success of YouScript at Aranscia and look forward to collaboration with our other portfolio assets to help YouScript efficiently support clinical PGx programs for providers and organizations around the world.”

YouScript is a pioneer in the field of PGx utilization research and a prolific publisher of insights that help to connect the benefits of personalized prescribing with “hard” downstream benefits in cost and care outcomes. In one study led by the University of Utah, utilization of PGx testing in conjunction with YouScript’s technology platform led to a 71% reduction in hospital emergency department visits, 39% reduction in admissions, and $1,132 in estimated cost savings in just four months3.

“I’m excited for YouScript to join Aranscia as we continue our mission to improve patient care and impact healthcare cost and efficiency with scalable precision medicine programs,” said Kristine Ashcraft, founder of YouScript. “After almost a quarter of a century in the industry, we are at a tipping point in the adoption of pharmacogenomics, especially with the growing number of peer-reviewed studies affirming our work demonstrating improvements in clinical outcomes and reductions in healthcare costs. The Aranscia team shares our view that clinical decision support and workflow technologies are a necessity for precision medicine programs to scale, and we’re thrilled to be working together to make pharmacogenomics seamless and simple for patients and providers,” added Ashcraft.

About Aranscia: Aranscia delivers world-class diagnostic software, services, and testing innovations that help clinicians improve care outcomes. The Aranscia portfolio of companies, which includes 2bPrecise, AccessDx Laboratory, SinguLab, and YouScript, have extensive practical expertise in molecular diagnostics, genomics, and digital-first clinical workflows. Aranscia enables clinical organizations to effectively utilize precision diagnostics for turnkey programs in fields such as pharmacogenomics, infectious disease management, precision oncology, and genetic screening. With a dual focus on simplicity and scalability, Aranscia’s portfolio companies are the ideal partner for long-term, value-based precision medicine initiatives. For more information, please visit

About YouScript: YouScript is a leader in pharmacogenomics research, insights, and software solutions that help make precision prescribing possible. YouScript’s lab-agnostic PGx risk, insights, and reference solutions assist clinical professionals to make fast, proactive decisions at the point of care. YouScript’s PGx program support and research initiatives span more than two decades and have often served as a foundational basis for best practices in assessing categorial risk and measuring outcomes across the entire PGx industry. For more information, please visit

About Invitae: Invitae (NYSE: NVTA) is a leading medical genetics company trusted by millions of patients and their providers to deliver timely genetic information using digital technology. We aim to provide accurate and actionable answers to strengthen medical decision-making for individuals and their families. Invitae’s genetics experts apply a rigorous approach to data and research, serving as the foundation of their mission to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people.

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