Release Notes 2-13-2017

Welcome to the new and improved YouScript Precision Prescribing Software. We have made a number of quality of life changes and improvements to the software, check out the changes below. You may have to refresh your browser to ensure all the changes are available. Log in to YouScript.


  • Complete makeover of our User Interface to reflect our new logo.
  • Added Clinical Management section for each significant interaction to provide short and concise management recommendations.
  • Added the new CYP2C19 Rapid Metabolizer (*1/*17) into our population genetic calculation to enhance genetic risk tool.


  • Moved Save button to the bottom of the “Drug and Genetic Phenotype List” to clarify that clicking Save will allow you to save the current drug and genetic phenotype list.
  • Enhanced search function for drugs and genetic phenotypes.
  • Reinstated Help & Feedback function that will connect you directly to our clinical team.
  • Enhanced algorithm to improve pharmacokenetic (PK) display.