YouScript Announces New Board of Directors

YouScript adds thought leaders in healthcare innovation, precision medicine, informatics, and patient safety

(Seattle, WA) March 7, 2018 – YouScript today announced the addition of Russel Altman, MD, PhD, Christine Cassell, MD, David Colaizzi, and Board Chair Alan Russell, PhD to the YouScript board of directors. Additionally, Cesar Elizaga, Miguel Solans, Kristine Ashcraft will continue to serve on the Board. The new members were confirmed through voting at the YouScript Annual Shareholders meeting on February 22, 2018.

“YouScript’s innovative technology is poised to make improvements in patient care and safety,” said Dr. Alan Russel, Chairman of the Board. “By leveraging predictive algorithms, YouScript identifies at-risk patients for precision medicine intervention, and I look forward to supporting this dedicated team making an impact in healthcare.”

Alan J. Russell, PhD is the current Board Chair. Dr. Russell is the Highmark Distinguished Career Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Director of the Carnegie Mellon University Disruptive Health Technology Institute and Director of the Russell Labs. He is the former CIO of Allegheny Health Network, Founder of The McGowan Center for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Russell received of the Carnegie Award for Excellence in Science and Technology, holds numerous patents, and is widely published in the field of biological engineering and biological chemistry.

Russ B Altman, MD, PhD is a leading expert in precision medicine, bioinformatics and Director of the Biomedical Informatics Training Program at Stanford University. Additionally, Dr. Altman holds the position of Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine, Biomedical Data Science, and Computer Science at Stanford University. Dr. Altman is a past-President, founding board member, and a Fellow of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), and a past-President of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (ASCPT). He has chaired the Science Board advising the FDA Commissioner, currently serves on the NIH Director’s Advisory Committee, and is Co-Chair of the IOM Drug Forum.

Christine K. Cassell, MD is an industry leader in geriatric medicine and former Planning Dean of the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. Previously Dr. Cassell held positions as Director of the National Quality Forum, President of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Member of the President’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology. A national leader in efforts to inspire quality care, Dr. Cassel has served on the board of the Greenwald Foundation since 1992, the board of the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plans since 2002, and the board of the National Physician Alliance since 2006. She also sits on the editorial board of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

David N. Colaizzi is the CEO/CTO of Five Star Development. He provides technical consultation services for Five Star’s clients. He has consulted with numerous Fortune 1000 corporations, colleges, universities and software development firms on software analysis, design and development, business process, technology and project management. Some of his clients include: Visa Inc, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Sheetz, BNY Mellon, and Ford Motor Company. Mr. Colaizzi owns an emergent healthcare technology platform as well as Genelex Labs, one of the worlds’ leading pharmacogenetic testing labs, in Seattle, WA.

Cesar Elizaga serves a YouScripts’ principal shareholder and Executive Director of Team Campos. Mr. Elizaga is also a member of the Board of Directors for Dos Gestora. Mr. Elizaga is passionate about technology and invests in innovative projects led by talented teams. He shares his career as investor in information technology companies with his other passion, sailing. As Executive Director of Team Campos, he is involved in the development and oversight of projects ranging from youth sailing to the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup.

Miguel Solans is the CFO of Team Campos. Mr. Solans is a chartered financial accountant with more than 20 years of global corporate financial experience. He began his career as a senior auditor at Ernst & Young, and then served in relevant positions in the Finance Department of Honeywell and Adeslas, the leading Health Insurance company in Spain. Presently, he oversees all global financial activity for Team Campos and the Spanish Team entry in the Volvo Ocean Race Round the World. Mr. Solans has dual degrees in Business Administration and Law, and speaks fluent Spanish, English and French.

Kristine Ashcraft is CEO of YouScript and a trained molecular biologist. She also holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. Her career includes 18 years in Precision Medicine and pharmacogenomic analytics, over 20 years in sales and business development, and management experience growing a company from 12 to several hundred employees in less than three years. A recognized expert in the field, she has authored multiple publications on the clinical and economic benefits of pharmacogenomic testing.

“The breadth of knowledge and expertise our board members possess will add valuable insight and perspective to our strategic direction,” said Kristine Ashcraft, YouScript CEO. “I’m confident that our new Board will help YouScript become the new standard of care in medication management, extending the impact of precision medicine from oncology into daily clinical decision making in primary care and other specialties.”

YouScript is the leader in precision prescribing analytics and clinical decision support. Already shown in multiple published studies to reduce costs and improve care, YouScript’s tools are used by value-based healthcare organizations, providers, and payers interested in bending the healthcare cost curve with the power of precision medicine.

About YouScript
At YouScript, our mission is to save lives, improve patient care and reduce costs by eliminating avoidable adverse drug events. Based on fifteen years of technology development that makes precision prescribing possible, Seattle-based YouScript was founded in 2016 after spinning out of Genelex. The YouScript clinical decision support tool is the only medication management system available that assesses the cumulative effect of a patient drug regimen and unique pharmacogenomic results. Based on over 17,000 curated references and product inserts, YouScript uses comprehensive predictive analytics to interpret and provide an at-a-glance summary of the complex web of genetics, medications, over-the-counters, herbals, and other factors impacting drug safety and response; identifying at risk patients for testing and offering ranked alternatives with reduced interaction risk whenever an adverse interaction risk is found.

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