YouScript Precision Prescribing Reports help clinicians better manage patients’ medication regimens based on pharmacogenetic, or DNA drug-sensitivity, test results. Our YouScript Precision Prescribing Clinical Pharmacists review patient information and provide individualized actionable guidance on drug or dose changes that can help optimize medication safety and efficacy.

Our reports sort interacting drugs into three categories based on the type of interaction expected from a given medication:

  • Cumulative Drug-Drug and Drug-Gene, which highlights interactions that can only be detected with our patented YouScript analytics software
  • Binary Drug-Gene, which lists any remaining interactions that can only be identified in the context of genetic information
  • Binary Drug-Drug, which includes interactions that may also be flagged by other drug interaction programs. These are included for your convenience so that you have all interactions identified in one place.

A fourth Alternative Medications Being Considered section will also be included if a list of medications under consideration but not yet started is provided.

Each interaction is assigned to one of five categories based on severity. Severity is calculated as a combination of pharmacogenetic, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects and is represented by impact icons. Icon interpretation is as follows:Report_Redesign_Impact_Icon_Table_JAS_2015_7_15

What impacts an interaction could have and what actions should be taken in response are broken down into easy-to-read bullet points to the right of each interaction entry. This Effects and Management section for each interaction is broken down into these five categories: (note that not all medications will have information for each bullet point):

  • Contraindication Statements
  • Pharmacokinetic Changes
  • Expected Effects (such as decreased effectiveness or increased adverse events)
  • Management Recommendations (dose changes and limitations)
  • Alternate Medication Suggestions

Our Precision Prescribing Reports are designed to provide the most clinically actionable information in an easy-to-understand format.