Population Health: YouScript’s Genetic Risk Analysis Tool

We’ve recently updated our Risk Analysis tool in YouScript to make it more useful for you!

Risk Analysis Tool snip

On the left side of the screen, you will see the Genetic Risk Stratification graph. This graph shows the likelihood of CYP pharmacogenetic testing being clinically actionable. It stratifies patients based on their genetic risk percentage into one of four categories:

High Risk (≥40%)

Medium Risk (10-39%)

Low Risk (1-9%)

Minimal Risk (0%)

Genetic risk percentages are calculated for each patient and indicate the probability that at least one CYP related drug-gene interaction will occur based on U.S. genetic frequency data and the patient’s current medication list.

On the right side of the screen, you will see the Clinical Impact Stratification graph. This graph shows the potential severity of adverse drug events that may occur for both tested and untested patients. Patients are stratified based on the most severe interaction identified in their Interaction Report:





To help you better address your highest risk patients, you can click on the color section of the graph to view a complete listing of patients in that stratification category. We recommend addressing all the patients in red (highest risk) category first, followed by orange and yellow. Patients in the green category are at minimal risk for drug-drug and drug-gene interactions and likely do not need to be evaluated at this time.

Interested? We would like to offer you a free Genetic Risk Stratification for up to 5000 patients!