PipelineRx Partners with YouScript for Personalized Prescribing Capabilities

Solution Fully Integrated with PowerGridRx Platform and Patient Discharge Solution to Fuel Patient-Centered Care and Improve Patient Outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—June 25, 2019– PipelineRx, a leading medication management and telepharmacy company powered by clinical expertise and cloud technology, today announced that it has partnered with YouScript to offer powerful personalized prescribing tools on its PowerGridRx platform. YouScript is the leader in precision prescribing analytics and clinical decision support enabling gene-based prescribing at the point of care. Together, this partnership helps improve patient outcomes by ensuring each patient is on an optimal and safe medication regimen, thus reducing risk and readmissions, and lowering the overall cost of care. The technology is fully integrated with electronic health records and can service hospitals independently or with PipelineRx’s Patient Discharge Solution.

With 50 million Americans taking five or more medications and $528 billion spent addressing non-optimized drug regimens and adverse drug events (ADEs) each year, it is essential to understand how each prescription interacts with other medications or supplements – not just as drug-to-drug interactions, but also as drug-to-drug-to-drug, known as polypharmacy. Further, research has revealed that half of all medications do not work as intended due to each individual’s unique genetics. The result is that non-optimized medication regimens lead to over 275,000 deaths yearly.1

Addressing these growing concerns in medication management, the partnership between PipelineRx and YouScript will identify and stratify patients who are at risk of polypharmacy drug interactions or drug-gene interactions, enabling healthcare providers to focus on patients who are most likely to benefit from medication therapy changes. Onsite or remote pharmacists can then follow up with prescribers to make medication changes if appropriate. These interventions also help reduce costs by eliminating medications that are ineffective or have the potential to cause injury or death.

“Built on years of clinical research, our medication management system is the only tool available that assesses the cumulative effect of a patient drug regimen and unique pharmacogenomic results with multiple peer-reviewed studies showing reductions in hospitalizations, ED visits and costs. Partnering with PipelineRx helps us achieve our mission to end avoidable adverse drug events by making our technology available exactly where it’s needed: at the point of care,” said YouScript CEO Kristine Ashcraft.

YouScript analyzes genetic data and the latest clinical knowledge on drug metabolism to identify and select prescription medications that will work best for each patient. For its polypharmacy solution, the platform looks beyond single drug-drug interactions to understand how a patient’s complete medication regimen interacts and provides actionable clinical insight if an intervention is needed. In a recently published study, the YouScript platform helped providers reduce re-hospitalizations and emergency department visits by 52% and 42% respectively, for improved outcomes, reduced costs, and high patient and provider satisfaction.2

“With the rise of personalized medicine, we want our pharmacists to feel empowered by the additional genomic information they have for patients – and be able to use this insight to improve medication management,” said Brian Roberts, CEO at PipelineRx. “Following the launch of our Patient Discharge Solution this spring, we are excited to introduce this new powerful addition and to continue innovating our comprehensive medication management solutions for our hospital and other partners.”

All functionality is available as a standalone service or in conjunction with PipelineRx’s Patient Discharge Solution, which helps onsite, or remote, pharmacists to prepare for and counsel patients as they leave your facility, then follow up to ensure medications are picked up and taken correctly after the patient has returned home. To learn more about the company’s comprehensive Patient Discharge solution, please visit our website or contact us.

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