Is Big Data Clinically Significant?

A restaurant patron doesn’t leave a tip as he storms out of the trashy diner that Google “recommended” to him. This is an example of big data trying to predict what kind of restaurants that customer might enjoy, and missing the mark entirely. Nevertheless, the consequences of this blunder are mild, maybe resulting in an upset stomach or a dented … Read More

Unexpected Culprit – Is Grapefruit Affecting Your Drug Regimen?

In January of this year, we wrote about how herbal and dietary supplements can alter the metabolism of certain medications. St. John’s Wort was the supplement primarily discussed. However, it is not just herbal supplements that can alter drug metabolism and cause drug interactions; food can be a common offender as well. This week we will be looking at the … Read More

I Received My Test Results…Now What?

I Received My YouScript Results, Now What? Here at YouScript we understand you may have questions about deciphering your results.  Pharmacogenetic analysis isn’t something that every doctor is currently familiar with, but if you’ve completed the test, you can consider yourself at the forefront of Precision Medicine (PM).  Receiving actionable results can help treat your illness, and/or know you’re taking … Read More