YouScript is patented clinical analytics software that predicts drug levels based on the cumulative impact of a patients’ genetics and medications. The software indicates if a patient might be at risk for an adverse drug event based on their drug regimen and offers drug and dosing alternatives less likely to cause an interaction or adverse drug event.

Integration of the YouScript Personalized Prescribing Software through our APIs into EHR, population health, e-prescribing and patient health software applications brings genetic analysis and precision prescribing — burgeoning facets of personalized medicine — to technology platforms that currently do not leverage genetic information. API features include:

  • Detects drug-drug, drug-gene and cumulative (multi-drug-gene) interactions
  • Offers safer alternative medications by class or indication
  • HIPAA compliant and delivered in JSON or XML format
  • Adheres to RxNorm interoperability standards
  • Developer accounts and access keys allow you to dictate how to best implement into existing systems
  • Flexible licensing models to best fit your needs

Request Developer Access

Contact us today at or call (877) 796-4362 to request more information, a trial developer account, and API access. As a YouScript development partner, you will get 120 days of free access to our APIs for evaluation purposes.*

*Free access is for evaluation purposes only and cannot be used to incorporate YouScript APIs into production environments.