Remembering Dr. David Flockhart


As a provider of drug interaction clinical decision support and predictive analytics, we recognize that our efforts would not be possible without the scientists and clinicians who’ve spent thousands of hours during the last half century conducting research, discovering mechanisms and finding solutions for preventing adverse drug events (ADE). One person in particular has had a tremendous influence on the current state of our understanding of the fundamental importance of pharmacogenetics to controlling adverse drug events, particularly those based on the cytochrome P450s. Without his work our PGX analytics system would not have been possible to develop.

This person is Dr. David Flockhart. It’s with a heavy heart that we received the news that Dr. Flockhart passed away on Thanksgiving day. The team at Genelex thanks Dr. Flockhart, for the pioneering and consistently brilliant work he’s done to provide the basic science precision medicine is built on. Without his passion, innovation and commitment to understanding and preventing ADEs, patient care would not be what it is today or where it is going tomorrow.