YouScript and Elsevier Collaborating to Incorporate Gene-based Prescribing and Reduce Alert Fatigue

Seattle, WA – YouScript and Elsevier are collaborating to bring individualized, relevant drug and dose optimization guidance to providers, pharmacists and patients wherever medication decisions are made. On February 2, 2017, Harding University published a randomized controlled trial in PLOS One in high-risk polypharmacy patients to incorporate pharmacogenetic data and YouScript’s clinical decision support system and compare results to a … Read More Release Notes 2-13-2017

Welcome to the new and improved YouScript Precision Prescribing Software. We have made a number of quality of life changes and improvements to the software, check out the changes below. You may have to refresh your browser to ensure all the changes are available. Log in to YouScript. NEW: Complete makeover of our User Interface to reflect our new logo. … Read More

New Precision Medicine Study Confirms Dramatic Reduction in Readmissions and ER Visits

Use of pharmacogenetic testing supported by an appropriate clinical decision support tool reduces mortality and overall health resource utilization in patients treated with multiple medications Seattle, WA — YouScript, a proprietary clinical decision support tool designed to assist in medication therapy management, has been shown to reduce readmissions by 52 percent (p=0.007) and ER visits by 42 percent (p=0.045) in … Read More

PSYCHIATRIC PHARMACOGENETICS from concepts to cases Book Now Available

Clinicians who treat psychiatric patients know that medications can be lifesaving, but they also know that these same potentially lifesaving psychotropic medications can have serious side effects. We now have a tool in pharmacogenetic testing that can help minimize medication side effects. Patients are increasingly requesting that their provider use this tool to help more accurately select a treatment, address … Read More

This Month in Pharmacogenetics and HealthIT – January 2017

Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine is trending like never before, with the strides that are being made in this field. While you can go and search out the news yourself, we want to make it easy for you. You can start by following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and our preferred lab partner, Genelex on Facebook and Twitter. We’re constantly … Read More