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Health Plans/ACOs

According to the CDC, approximately 12% of all healthcare costs are related to the adverse impact of prescription drugs. This large burden can be prevented through the use of the YouScript Precision Prescribing Platform at each and every point of prescribing. Pilot data from a large health system validates YouScript’s value in a broad population by an extrapolated estimated savings of $25 to $57 million.

The Triple Aim

The goals are high, but YouScript can help payers and accountable care organizations (ACOs) meet the Triple Aim of improving population health, patient experience, and reducing the per-capita cost of health care. Through this, YouScript will help reduce adverse drug events (ADEs), meaning fewer costs and fewer hospitalizations. Through this, intervention with the YouScript precision prescribing system has been shown to cut ER visits among elderly patients taking multiple medications.

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Adverse drug events are costly
ADEs cost around $289 billion per year
The IMPACT of YouScript
Use of the YouScript precision prescribing software is linked to the a 71% reduction in ER visits within 4 months
Reduction in per-capita costs
$1,132 per-patient savings over 4 months
Negative patient experience
Many times, patients require multiple follow-up visits to fine tune or change medication. By using YouScript, patients can reduce their follow-ups and health plans can reduce cost