Welcome! YouScript® is a revolutionary way of using your genetic makeup to help predict the medications that will work best for you. Did you know that every body metabolizes drugs differently? Some bodies have trouble metabolizing specific drugs, which can mean they won’t work, and can even lead to serious complications and even death. Finding the best match for you and your medication regimen is critical. YouScript® is a simple cheek swab sample test that analyzes your DNA and provides a comprehensive report so your physician can prescribe with confidence, and you can get the effective treatment you need.

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  1. YouScript® is available with a prescription from your doctor, and most insurance plans cover the cost.

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    Ask your doctor to complete the prescription form and to call 800 TEST-DNA (800-837-8362) for a collection kit.

  3. 2

    Submit a cheek swab sample for DNA testing using the provided kit.

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    Review the results with your doctor. The report will aid your doctor in making decisions about altering the dosage or form of drugs prescribed to you to prevent treatment failures and adverse drug reactions.

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