Howard C. Coleman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Murderers convicted, fathers identified, patients saved by precisely correct medicine: all of this has been made possible by Howard’s pioneering work. From the courtroom to hospital, Howard’s enduring vision for accurate, affordable DNA testing has revolutionized genetic testing.

Howard founded Genelex in 1987 as a forensic and paternity DNA testing laboratory. Since 2000, haunted by the death of a 9-year-old boy from a drug the child was unable to metabolize, Howard has also led the company’s expansion into personalized medicine. His enduring entrepreneurial spirit keeps Genelex a national leader as company employees continue to develop and refine personalized medicine for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Howard received his Bachelor of Science degree in clinical science from San Francisco University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Sonoma State University. He attended graduate school at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center and from 1999 to 2002 he served on the faculty of the Institute for Science Training and Research, Biotechnology for Professionals in Seattle.

Outside the lab, Howard is a nature lover, skier and traveler who thrives on new interests, adventures and volunteering for search and rescue and ski patrol. His most recent passion is Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture.

Tia Aulinskas, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Lab Director and Board Member

When there’s something new, innovative or fascinating at Genelex, you can be sure Tia has played a role in it.

Tia, a cofounder of the company, has overseen laboratory operations since the beginning. She enjoys more than twenty years as the DNA testing laboratory director and oversees new technology implementation and projects for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other clients.

Tia received a PhD and a BS, Cum Laude, in medical biochemistry from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and an MS in medical biochemistry, from the University of Stellenbosh in Cape Town, South Africa. That’s not all of Tia’s accomplishments: her accreditations also include CLIA, NYDOH, AABB, ASCLD/LAB, and she carries multiple clinical laboratory permits. From 1983 to 1987, she served as a senior research fellow in the Pathology Department and as a research fellow in the Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition at the University of Washington.

Along with an amazing appetite for academia, Tia thrives on competition. Think twice if she asks you to play a quick game of table tennis.

Kristine Ashcraft, Chief Operating Officer

If a scientific advancement remains unknown, unavailable or too costly, it will improve few lives. Kristine passionately believes that, and she works tirelessly to bring Genelex’s advancements to the widest possible audience.

Kristine joined Genelex in 2000 as director of sales and marketing. Kristine, a molecular biologist by training, claims more than 15 years of sales and marketing management experience, including more than a decade at Genelex bringing genetic technologies to market. She is responsible for operations, sales strategy, business development and marketing implementation at the company.

Kristine holds an MBA from Babson College, Magna Cum Laude, and a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of New Haven. Prior to coming to Genelex, she worked as a canvass director for Sierra Club and an assistant call center manager.

Kristine finds balance by sitting on a stability ball at her desk, and is also known to enjoy live music.

Bob Patterson, M.D., Chief Information Officer

When doctors make clinical decisions based on the best possible science, everyone wins. Patients stay healthier, costs are reduced and physicians are happier.

Bob has been writing software since 1983 to do just: improve patient care through scientific evidence. He’s especially interested in developing programs that help physicians make informed decisions based on treatment algorithms, quality improvement efforts and smart charting tools. He is responsible for the design, programming, and maintenance of YouScript’s underlying algorithm.

Bob holds his M.D. from the George Washington University Medical School. He is on the attending staff of McLean Hospital and holds an appointment at Harvard Medical School. Since 1996, Bob has sat on the subcommittee for Informatics and Decision Support, Consolidated Department of Psychiatry Research Committee, Harvard Medical School, now the Institute of Cybermedicine.

Bob, a Chicago native, recently branched out into a more ancient form of technology: building a straw-bale construction summer home on the coast of Maine.


 Gregory Alderson, CPA, Executive Vice President and Board Member

Science and business: it’s as natural as coffee and cream for Gregory. Gregory claims extensive experience in both biotechnology and software, and he brought that expertise as a founder to Genelex. Today, he serves in an advisory capacity, but still finds the company’s entrepreneurial activities irresistible.

Gregory earned his MBA from the University of Oregon. He also holds a Master of Science in microbiology and immunology and a Bachelor of Science in food science technology from the University of Washington. Prior to Genelex, he served as chairman and CEO of Invizeon Corporation, a provider of advanced communications solutions. Gregory has also served in finance, operations and marketing management roles at Microsoft, Raima, General Information, Advanced Products & Technologies and Genetic Systems.


Jessica Oesterheld, M.D., Director of Pharmacologics

A cytochrome maven since 1992, Dr. Oesterheld holds prime responsibility at Genelex for the expansion and maintenance of the YouScript software.

Jessica’s interest in cytochromes arose from clinical experiences with patients experiencing side effects from CYP-based drug interactions. She’s a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Tufts Medical School and completed residencies in general, college, and child and adolescent psychiatry. She earlier served as medical director of pharmacy management and on the Drug Utilization Committee of MaineCare. She has written a number of books, papers or chapters on cytochromes and their development and interactions, including the best-selling book Concise Guide to Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice.

When Jessica isn’t writing about, reading about or otherwise gazing into the world of cytochrome research, she loves to go birding.


Bob Nebel, Director of Finance

Bob is Genelex’s own Mr. Numbers. He was drawn to the company by the passion of its staff for genetics and mission of transforming health care for all. He brings with him more than 30 years of experience in finance, accounting management and administration.

Bob earned his Executive MBA from the University of Washington, a Bachelor of Arts in business from Washington State University, and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Central Washington State University. His private industry background includes a work as controller for Olympic Associates, an architecture and engineering professional services firm, and as an accountant for Barghausen Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Both Bob and his wife, Sherry, an equally ardent Washington State Cougar, didn’t get far from home. Both were born in Seattle and have lived here since except for their four-year stints in Pullman. And if that’s not enough Seattle native cred for you, on Saturday mornings he rides his bike to the Pike Place Market to buy bread.


Rajeev Pany, Director of Software Engineering

It’s not everyone who can fuse technology with an earnest desire to change lives. Rajeev is one.

Rajeev came to Genelex with a zeal to advance personalized medicine. His extensive experience in all aspects of the product development lifecycle and deep domain knowledge in health care is allowing him to do just that. His entrepreneurial spirit and love for technology and software continues to drive his department in the development of powerful tools that benefit the lives of people everywhere.

Rajeev holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering (neural aetworks/AI/optimization) from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology at Madras. Prior to Genelex, he was a director at i2 Technologies and the Engineering Director of Healthcare Applications at Net.Orange.

When Rajeev is not spending time with his children, he likes to unwind and decompress with a little yoga.

Elena Peletskaya, PhD, Senior Scientist

Medicine remains a book still being written, and no one knows that better than Elena.

Elena came to Genelex with an extensive background in laboratory research and development in combinatorial library design and high throughput screening, protein and peptide chemistry, molecular biochemistry, and biophysics. She was drawn to Genelex by her fervent desire to make a difference across the whole of medicine, not just a single person at a time.

Elena holds a PhD in molecular virology from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. She also holds a Master of Science degree in physiology and a Bachelor of Science in biology from the Moscow State University in Russia. Prior to Genelex, she held the post of Principle Scientist at Biolinx, LLC. There, she managed and coordinated several projects with teams from different groups, including the National Cancer Institute, NIH and Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Elena was born and raised in Ukraine and came to the United States for her post doctorial studies. She’s grown roots in the Pacific Northwest, however, where she loves the abundance of natural spaces and hiking.

Jarrod Heck, PhD, Staff Scientist

To be truly useful, genetic testing must be fast, accurate and affordable. Jarrod uses his molecular biology expertise to ensure Genelex’s personalized medicine technologies to do just that.

Jarrod came to the company in 2012 a decade of lab experience in molecular biology and genetics. His expertise includes DNA genotyping and extraction/amplification. He holds a PhD in biology with an emphasis on molecular biology and genetics, from the University of California at San Diego. He likewise earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and chemistry from the Minnesota State University at Moorhead. Jarrod completed his postdoctoral at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where he gained additional expertise in cancer genetics. He was also an editor for American Journal Experts.

Jarrod is a double threat at parties: he enjoys both martial arts and philosophy.

Evans Calas

Napoleon “Evans” Calas, Board Member

Better, safer and more efficient is Evans’ abiding philosophy for patient care. A self-confessed lifelong “laboratorian,” Evans, an outside board member, claims extensive executive-level experience in laboratories and he uses that expertise to help advance Genelex technologies.

Evans earned his MBA from the University of Michigan with an emphasis on healthcare. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, and an MT (ASCP) certification from the William Beaumont Hospital School of Medical Technology.  He’s currently Division Vice President - Medication Monitoring at Sterling Reference Laboratories in Tacoma. Prior to joining Sterling, Evans held executive positions at Dynacare, National Health Laboratories/LabCorp, International Clinical Laboratories, and the Hospital Corporation of America.

Evans loves hanging out and traveling with his family when he’s not in the laboratory or the boardroom. That is, when he’s not skating in his “Geezers League” ice hockey team. Luckily for Genelex, his laboratory expertise surpasses his slap shot.



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