Genelex has been a leader in providing quality DNA testing since our inception in 1987. Accreditation and quality assurance programs we participate in include:


Genelex is a CLIA licensed medical laboratory - Washington State Medical Test Site No. MTS-3919 CLIA No. 50D0980559.

Click here to view a copy of our current CLIA accreditation.


Genelex is an accredited clinical laboratory for molecular testing (2D6, 2C19, 2C9 and VKOR), parentage, and identity testing for the State of New York Department of Health.

Click here to view a copy of our current NYDOH accreditation.


Genelex is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and has participated in the CAP Anatomical Pathology Education Programs and voluntary quality assurance program for over a decade.

Click here to view a copy of our current CAP certification.




Genelex has also contributed to the validation of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Materials.



Genelex also holds laboratory permits in the following states as required:
Rhode Island

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